patient and caregiver

Support After a Heart Failure Diagnosis

For Caregivers, Friends, and Family

Lifestyle changes can be hard for anyone, but they can be especially hard for patients with heart failure. Loved ones and friends can help by offering support. If you live with or are close to someone with heart failure, you can have a big impact on how well they manage it.

As a caregiver or supporter, you can help by understanding that changes take time. Help your loved one to follow his or her health care team's advice. Go to hospital and doctor visits and help your loved one keep track of information. You can also help by talking with doctors and other health care professionals and keeping them up to date on your loved one's progress.

At the same time, it's up to the person with heart failure to manage his or her condition. Be supportive, but don't do everything for your loved one. Let him or her know that you're willing to help, but don't take over.

It is also important to take care of yourself. Being a caregiver is hard work. Be sure to take time for yourself to rest and relax. Talk with friends, family, or your health care professional if you feel overwhelmed.